Sunday, June 11, 2006

Back after another long pause...

After a couple of months of being overworked, things are starting to calm down again. The hard work did pay off, as I was able to get enough cash together to get my ticket to Montreal. This trip is a much needed one for several reasons. I haven't seen Mom in almost 4 years, nor my brothers, my nephew André was a month old the last time I saw him. My neice is 15 now... Of course, it'll also be great to visit the old hang-outs and catch up with old friends that are still there.

More good news, this year the union organised a little weekend staff trip for those interested, to Sarajevo & Mostar. It'll be at the end of this month. I'm anxiously awaiting this trip, yet I know that some of it will be difficult for me, as I haven't been to Bosnia since before the war.

Today will be busy enough, there's laundry to do, some e-mails to write, meeting Boban and Matija for lunch later on, a couple of translations that are due tomorrow and some tests to correct. (Procrastinating right now...)

As my workload has become lighter, I'm faced with several decisions to make, which would mean extreme change in my life. These issues had been stuck in limbo for quite some time now since my relationship with my dearest became a long-distnce one. I now have one month to decide: stay in Slovenia or give living in Jordan a chance. In ten years and starting from nothing, I have managed to build a life for myself here. I have a lot to think through, though this has been made easier by the fact that I have the best boss in the world, who offered me a "safety-net" in case I do decide to give Jordan a try for a year and things don't work out. Somewhat reassuring and makes giving it a shot seem less scary. The thing is, I have to let her know before I leave to Canada, which will be 13 July. For some decisions, plenty of time.... for this one, not nearly enough.

I love Ljubljana. I love this neighbourhood. I love how the river is close by,how there are many bike and walking paths, how green everything is, how the building is surrounded by trees and playgrounds.

As I look out the window, I know these are things I'd miss grea
tly. Though probably not as much as I miss him...


joladies said...

Greetings from Jordan - I understand your concern about another big move - however I have come to view Jordan as my adopted homeland where my soul is at peace, despite the waging of war in the vicinity. It is worth giving Jordan a try (Amman?) if only for an extended holiday. And don't worry there will always be a 'sister' on hand to teach the ways of the east, to understand the cultural sensitivities, the social niceties, how to peal a prickly pear or to cook mensaf for the five thousand!

Always here to oblige if you need to know anything more specific.

Betqa said...

Thanks:) I really appreciate that. Expect an e-mail from me in the near future. I've got so much going on in my head right now. I must admit that it has become rather overwhelming.
Also, thanks for stopping by my blog :)

Seesaw said...

Beautiful photos!

photo-effe said...

very beautifuls photos

great work

Betqa said...

thanks everyone:)