Thursday, April 14, 2011

What's your coffee ritual?

Roba asked this question... unlike her, I have nothing against rituals.
Anyone who knows me also knows that I consume huge amounts of coffee. Here's my coffee ritual (which varies slightly from day to day):
5:30am - get up, put 8 heaping scoops of Brazil coffee house blend into filter + 7 cups of water, turn on machine, go do some yoga
5:50am- pour cup of coffee, add a touch of milk so it looks like mud (no sugar or any other sweetener), drink coffee while packing stuff up for work and Katja's daycare
6:15am - wake up Katja and give her breakfast, pour my second cup of coffee and drink while getting dressed
Since I start work a tad later on Mondays and Tuesdays, after dropping Katja off at daycare, I usually go to Cups & Kilos and get a latte (to go) (at around 7:40am).
If I am lucky enough to have a break during the day, I either a) get a latte at R'n'B, b) get a latte at Café des Artistes or c) in the office--> two teaspoons of Nescafe & two teaspoons of CoffeeMate.

Weekends: same coffee I make workday mornings, but bottomless cup for as long as I am at home :)