Sunday, December 31, 2006

Some pics taken in and around Amman

Amer, you crack me up....

Ok, some might see this as offensive, but it's a joke ok!
These pics represents what you get when you cross an Arab with a Slovene:

A drunk terrorist!
The guy in the pic is my significant other's brother Amer. Dude, you are hilarious!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Never thought I'd have to go to the Middle East to see snow this year...

Back home on the sunny side of the Alps, Christmas was a green one this year. I had been complaining about missing the snow since the beginnning of December. Who would have guessed I would have to go to Jordan to see snow this winter?
Here are some pics:

Sunday, December 24, 2006

On My First Day in Amman and Jordan Planet Quiz Night

I arrived in Amman early yesterday morning, though a couple of hours later than expected. It is wonderful to have a change from my routine and relax a lot more than I'm used to. I feel so much better to be back with Omar after such a long time. Long distance relationships are a pain to say the least.
Roba had invited me to the Jordan Planet blogger meet up. I was not sure exactly what to expect. I didn't really know anyone there. I originally discovered Jordan Planet, right after my bf moved back to Amman and I was going to visit. Since he hadn't lived there in many years, he wasn't up to date with what to do and where to go. I began browsing and found Jordan Planet and wrote an email asking for some info. I immediately received a wonderful and very informative reply from Lina (who I unfortunately did not meet yesterday). Slowly I began to discover other interesting and amusing blogs like Mira's, Khalidah's, Roba's, Hal's (Hal, where the hell were you last night?), Moey's, Qwaider's and many others.
This quiz night was a good time overall. The only complaint I have was the dudes at the table next to us made it hard to hear what was going on. Yeah, you know who you are... I have nothing against you guys otherwise and actually think you're cool, but playing the music on the cell phones and overdoing it with the yelling was a bit much. Smart-ass comments are amusing, but there's a point when it's just not funny anymore.
Our table came in second place, after being asked the tie-breaking question. Turns out we need to brush up on our knowledge of history. Or maybe it's because Roba was cheating (ok, you had to be there for this to make sense).
I'll end this with a few pics I took.

Some more pics from the evening available at Qwaider's and Hala's (plus a very thorough description of the evening -- in Arabic)

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Pre-holiday Madness...

I'm leaving for Amman tomorrow. Though financially speaking, taking a trip isn't the brightest move I could make, but it's one of those things that has to be done. Today was my last day teaching till I get back; I tried my best to get all of the translation work out of the way, but it seems that I'll be taking some work with me. I am so looking forward to getting away, away from the routine. I also can't wait to get out of this year. Yes, even though it wasn't all bad, most of 2006 did suck for me. I don't remember having such a lousy year in... well, I think 1999 came close...
Anyhow, this week was particularly insane. One incident that particularly pissed me off was getting my visa. I had called the Jordanian consulate last week to schedule an appointment. The consul told me to call the following week. I reminded him that this was the week I'd be travelling, but he assured me not to worry. Ok, fair enough.
So I called back on Monday from work when I had a break. I explained to the guy who I was and that I had called on the previous week and that I'd like to make an appointment. So the guy says: "Come now". I explain to him that I am at work, that I work at a school and that there's a group of kids expecting me to open the door to their English classroom in 5 minutes...short notice to get a substitute... I offer to come after work, when I finish at 2. He explains that he only works till noon (how nice). Luckily on Tuesdays, I have a free period and since the consulate isn't too far from where I work, 10:30 on Tuesday works. I explain to him that I'll only have an hour and will have to get back to work. He assures me not to worry.
Tuesday, right after teaching a class, I rush to the consulate. I arrive there at 10:25. I enter the building, walk upstairs and ring the bell. A woman opens the door and explains to me that the consul hasn't arrived yet. She gives me a form to fill in. I do so and hand it to her along with my passport. She tells me to wait in the hall. After 20 minutes of waiting for him to show up, I was pissed off something fierce. Why the hell even bother to make an appointment then?!! Finally he shows up at 10:55... I was desperately trying to keep my cool, as he took his sweet time... I couldn't help but think to myself: "Nice that you only work till noon....and get to work at 11..." ... He asked me why I was so nervous... I explained that I was late for work...His response? "That's not my problem!" I couldn't believe it! Not my problem? No, idiot! But it's your fault! (Ok, I didn't say that as he still had my passport in his hands)Seriously, though, is this guy for real? On top of everything, he was extremely rude and arrogant the entire time. Not very diplomatic at all.
The guy totally stressed me out!
Ok, enough about that...
On a brighter note, this year I will be spending New Year's in Amman. It'll be my 1st New Year's outside of Slovenia in 10 years. Though I must admit, Ljubljana is beautiful this time of year. Just like something out of a fairy tale. The only thing missing so far is the snow. Here are some pics I managed to take this evening while running some last-minute errands.