Thursday, April 14, 2011

What's your coffee ritual?

Roba asked this question... unlike her, I have nothing against rituals.
Anyone who knows me also knows that I consume huge amounts of coffee. Here's my coffee ritual (which varies slightly from day to day):
5:30am - get up, put 8 heaping scoops of Brazil coffee house blend into filter + 7 cups of water, turn on machine, go do some yoga
5:50am- pour cup of coffee, add a touch of milk so it looks like mud (no sugar or any other sweetener), drink coffee while packing stuff up for work and Katja's daycare
6:15am - wake up Katja and give her breakfast, pour my second cup of coffee and drink while getting dressed
Since I start work a tad later on Mondays and Tuesdays, after dropping Katja off at daycare, I usually go to Cups & Kilos and get a latte (to go) (at around 7:40am).
If I am lucky enough to have a break during the day, I either a) get a latte at R'n'B, b) get a latte at Café des Artistes or c) in the office--> two teaspoons of Nescafe & two teaspoons of CoffeeMate.

Weekends: same coffee I make workday mornings, but bottomless cup for as long as I am at home :)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Katja's first plane ride

I wasn't sure how it would go... The flight from Amman to Montreal takes 12 hours, which can even be rough on most adults. She was great! She slept for about 8 hours; while she was awake she was in such a great mood. She only cried a bit while the plane was descending to land, since the pressure was a bit much for her little ears to handle. People kept coming up to me and saying what a great baby she is. Even the cabin crew was crazy about her :)

Katja with the Royal Jordanian flight attendants

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Inspiring... (I wonder if something like this could be organised in Jordan?)

I had been hearing about this campaign to clean up Slovenia in one day, mostly from former students of mine. I thought it was an excellent idea and was very sad that I am no longer in Slovenia to participate in something so wonderful. The idea was inspired by a documentary about a similar campaign, which took place in Estonia in 2008. It was organised by the organisation "Ecology without Borders" and took place yesterday. The most inspiring part of it is that about 250,000 volunteers showed up, removing about 80,000 cubic metres of garbage!
Now, I wonder if it would be possible to organise something like this here in Jordan?
Here are some articles about the campaign:
Link 1
Link 2
Link 3 (in Slovenian)