Friday, June 23, 2006

And on the eighth day, God created Lego!

Apparently this has been covered by all kinds of media over the past few years, but it's news to me.
Bible stories illustrated with Lego blocks!

The Brick Testament is a project created by the "Reverend" Brendan Powell Smith, who is not an actual reverend, but rather an atheist. He began this project as a website back in October 2001 that featured six stories from the book of Genisis. The popularity of the website has also spawned a Brick Testament book series. All stories are retold using direct quotes of passages from the Bible, with chapter and verse numbers cited. Smith claims that he created The Brick testament to increase people's knowledge of the Bible, whether they are believers or not.

The website and book series have become popular both among religious believers who often use its material for evangelical and instructional purposes and among non-Christians who view The Brick Testament as pointing out what they consider to be absurdities in the Bible.

Funny? Disturbing? Creative? You decide!


M!R@CHK@ said...

Gr8 post very creative i love it :D thx for the link its gr8 ;)

Seesaw said...

Yes, great post!!!

Celine said...

I hadn't seen that before. It's great! I love Legos, and just seeing the details that went into creating the various scenes is amazing, subject matter aside.

Thanks for posting it.

Betqa said...

Mira and seesaw: thanks, glad you liked it.
Celine: welcome to my blog and i'm glad you like it too. Stop by again :)