Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Back in Montreal

Well, I'm back in Montreal. I haven't blogged since the airport, as I'm staying with my mother and at the age of 71, she really couldn't care less about the internet. I managed to get one of my brother's old computers and modem, so I have a dial-up connection just for checking e-mails and stuff, but for posting any pics... well, you all remember how it used to be.
I arrived on Friday, spent the afternoon and evening with my family. On Saturday I also spent the day with my mom, then went out for dinner with Tara. We went to a Turkish restaurant then went to a place on St. Denis for a shisha... What struck me as interesting was that despite the no smoking law and not being able to smoke cigarettes indoors, smoking a shisha in the cafe was not a problem (I guess the inspectors don't know what to classify it as or something).
Tara and I got together again on Sunday and spent the day on Ile Ste Helene, where the have an outdoor party every week called picnik electronik. I had read about it before, including some bad reviews. I honestly thought it was pretty good. There was a mixed crowd, young, old, families, a bit of this and a bit of that. We danced, went for a swim, walked around the island. Overall a fun day and I'll definitely be checking it out again during my time here.
Here are some pics from that day...

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