Saturday, January 09, 2010


Ok, so it was much longer than 60 minutes….but that’s besides the point…
When I heard about this event, I was extremely eager to attend. I hadn’t ever been to a Fastwalk event, though I do walk with Katja on what is almost a daily basis. Luckily, I live near the Sport City complex, which allows me to take these daily walks. Otherwise, I might not be as eager to do so.
You see, although I’ve had my driver’s licence for 20 years now, when I am in a city, I much prefer to experience it either on foot, by bicycle or public transport. Unfortunately, none of these things are at all pleasant in Amman. Sidewalks are pathetic, rendering Katja’s stroller useless for anywhere but a shopping mall. Good luck crossing the street, as drivers here might stop if you’re lucky; quite often they won’t.
Anyhow, back to the event… As I mentioned earlier, the walk lasted much more than an hour. It was a great way to observe the city and seeing pedestrians claim back the streets.
Here are some pics I took before and during the walk:
Me & Roba

Roba & Moose :)

Nice to see I wasn't the only one who brought a baby

The crowd

Michael Sorkin, author of 20 Minutes in Manhattan, encouraging us to reclaim the streets

Scenes from the actual walk:

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wenjonggal said...

That is beautiful, the city. Though I do understand how it could be challenging to impossible to do daily walks alone with a baby in those streets! Good thing there is a sports center closeby!