Thursday, December 31, 2009

Farewell to the noughts...

It seems like yesterday I was bidding farewell to the 90s. My buddy Jovan & I were at a party in Trnovo…DJ Gaby was setting the mood with Goa trance; DJ Kesma came on later. It seemed like no other decade could be as “action-packed” as the 90s were for me. After all, it was in 1990 that I graduated from high school and began expanding my horizons… Marianopolis, McGill…Those were amazing times. Montreal had so much to offer young adults then. I lived life to the fullest, did the whole interail/backpacking through Europe thing. I spent the first half of the 90s in Montreal, the second half in Ljubljana, where I awaited the noughts.
Looking back at this decade, it may not have always been as fast-paced as the previous one, but it contains many moments I’m fond of and will never forget.
So here’s to the noughts and the best thereof:

2000: Ljubljana trance parties
Summer trip to Montreal: crazy nights at Unity, Café Sarajevo, tam tams..
Second summer trip to Split: nights on the beach, a group of us singing “Zenica Blues” on the beach as Jovan played guitar
Fall trip to London
2001: Grad studies in Ljubljana…had to balance the trance parties with the books
First time on Triglav (in new hiking boots...ended up with blisters the size of pancakes)
Summer trip to French Riviera and Provence
2002: Started to get sick of the trance scene, extremely involved in translating at the Centre for Slovenian literature
Summer trips: Montreal, Toronto, Paris, Stuttgart
2003: Finally bought flat in Ljubljana after 7 years of renting and moving 9 times,
Summer trip to Lago Maggiore,
visit from elementary & high school classmate Caroline & friends (saw her for the first time in 10 years)
2004: No major summer trips, but 2 visits from old friends Tara and Julie
2005: First trip to Jordan in February, reunited after 14 years. Love is in the air. Second trip to Jordan in October.
2006: Summer trips: Sarajevo & Mostar
Montreal: tam tams are still there after so many years, picnic electronique
2007: New Year’s in Amman,
Summer visit to Ljubljana by my mother and bro and Omar, so he got to meet the family
Ended off the year by getting hitched :)
2008: Ended teaching contract in Ljubljana, moved to Amman
2009: The greatest gift of all, the birth of our sweet little Katja.

2009 was also a year of special gifts for some other old friends of mine... Congrats to Sylwia, Tracy and Emmanuel on becoming first-time parents!

And all the best in 2010!

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wenjonggal said...

Your daughter is so cute! And look! you have been to Montreal! Come back and visit some time!