Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The last few days in -- Downtown with Lina

Last Thursday, I finally had the pleasure of meeting Lina in person. Just over a year ago, I had sent an e-mail to Jordan planet asking about interesting things to do in Amman. Lina was kind enough to reply, which was when I began reading her extremely interesting blog Into the Wind.

Lina is someone that I'm sure everyone loves when they meet her. People sing her praises all the time (Kinzi, Sandmonkey)
and it isn't surprising! She truly is a wonderful person and no words could do her justice. This is why I'll keep the rest of mine simple...
Some more reasons why Lina is cool:

She'll take you to those hidden urban treasures that show you a part of Amman's soul...

Her smile brightens up a room...

She knows where to find good books... and from what I gathered, calls everyone "uncle"She knows where to find excellent knaffeh...

And cozy places to enjoy a nice warm beverage (Jafra Café)

She doesn't make fun of me when I make mistakes in Arabic :) And according to Omar, she's very good at bargaining (thanks for getting me a deal on the scarves...)

And I'm sure that everyone who knows her will agree that she's great to hang out with; you can't help but be in a good mood around her.
And she gives amazing tours of downtown... Thanks Lina :)

Some more pics I took that morning:


kinzi said...

Beti, thanks for the link and the lovely tour and words about Lina the Light! I've lived here over a decade and haven't seen some of these places, so I may have to book a Lina Tour soon!

Omernos said...

This is great! I could swear to you Beti that I myself lived in Amman and never been to most of these places! HEHE. It's my turn now to ask Lubna for a touristy tour next time!

It was great meeting you in the JP's quiz night, I hope they'd allow us to 'interact' more. Instead they asked everybody to stay in their groups! haha

I hope you enjoyed Amman! cause it looks like it! :D


acidfog said...

welcome to Jordan! It was nice having you here!! :P Come again!