Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Never thought I'd have to go to the Middle East to see snow this year...

Back home on the sunny side of the Alps, Christmas was a green one this year. I had been complaining about missing the snow since the beginnning of December. Who would have guessed I would have to go to Jordan to see snow this winter?
Here are some pics:


Mazz said...

God moves in mysterious ways. enjoy it :)

Betqa said...

Oh, I did enjoy it. We managed to have a proper snow ball fight last night :)

Qwaider قويدر said...

Awesome shots :) Snow ... YEEAAHH
When are we doing Sushi!!? Where's freakin Roba!!!?

Moey said...

snow is always good

EP said...

and that's very frickin close to my place..

i actually was quite shocked when i saw the 'freddy' key place sign..

very coincidental.

ps: i certainly didn't enjoy the snow since i was going to Ramallah the next day, and was afraid of not being able to reach the borders.

but it worked out..