Sunday, August 20, 2006

More Scenes and Fun Memories from Summer in Montréal

Back in Ljubljana and I've taken the time to get back into sync with things. It was an enjoyable summer which passed by so fast (as they always do). I am already back to my translation work and I get back to work at the school on Wednesday.

The jet-lag took a while to wear off this time. The trip back was extremely annoying due to the supposed terrorism plot... The line-ups at security checks were insane and as careful as I was with packing, I still managed to completely forget about my lighter and get it confiscated. Obviously the same thing had happened to everyone else as well. Upon arriving at the Zürich airport, the first thing you saw was a huge crowd of people from various flights run to the nearest bar and begin asking each other for a light..And nobody had one! (annoying while it was going on, but now seems like something out of a Seinfeld episode). My flight had been delayed, but luckily so had my connecting one, so I had time for coffee. My friend Marie-Claire had taken the same flight to Zürich and had missed her connecting flight to Rome, so I had some company to go with that coffee.

What a summer! Wonderful moments spent with family and old friends after so many years, while turning on the news, I was constantly reminded that things were not so wonderful everywhere else.

Back to reality.

I'm glad to be back in Ljubljana, though there are so many things I miss about Montréal, but I'll write all about that in another post. Till then, here are some recorded moments from the summer that I haven't written about till now:

Olivia had a get-together at the Copacabana on St-Laurent before going on vacation, so I at least got to see her once while I was there.

Tara & Olivia

Olivia, David, Sam & Dan
Dan & Me

On 27th July, Carole had a get-together at Shaika Café to celebrate the one year anniversary of her editing, writing, design business : Silvertree Media

Carole & her mom
Carole & Me

Rok & Karl

Pietro & Marie-Claire


Marie-Claire & Danny

The Cake: notice the single green leaf, representing one year. Baked by Carole's mom & it was simply delicious!

On Mondays and weekends I got to hang out with my four-year-old nephew André, who is just the sweetest boy you could ever imagine!

More pics of this fine visit to come soon... I have to clean the flat up and other boring stuff like that...Back to reality indeed...

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